Discover Barcelona’s Hidden Gems: A Journey Through Its Best Kept Coffee Secrets

Nestled in the bustling heart of Barcelona’s El Born, our very first Boundra location invites you to discover the city’s hidden coffee treasures. El Born isn’t just a neighborhood; it’s a coffee lover’s paradise, where every winding street leads to another delightful surprise. Here, the real magic happens in the smallest of spaces — the ‘hole in the wall’ style coffee shops, each with its unique charm, operating 7 days a week.

These hidden gems are more than just spots to grab a drink; they’re a testament to the art of coffee-making, each equipped with the finest La Marzocco machines. So, you’re guaranteed a cup that’s as rich in flavor as it is in history. This guide is your insider’s pass to uncovering these elusive cafes right in the heart of El Born. Ready to find out where the best coffee is hiding? Let’s dive in.

El Born Coffee


Manduca, tucked in a quiet alley near Santa Caterina Market in El Born, offers a unique blend of specialty coffee and healthy, gluten-free food options. This coffee shop provides a relaxed atmosphere for enjoying a high-quality coffee experience.

What’s particularly convenient about Manduca is its online ordering system. Ideal for those on the go, you can easily order your favorite coffee and snacks ahead of time, ensuring a quick and hassle-free pickup.

Manduca Coffee

Coto — Gotico

Continuing with our exploration of Barcelona’s hidden coffee havens, we stumbled upon a gem in the Gothic Quarter, affectionately known as Gotico: Coto. Tucked away in the labyrinth of narrow streets, this unassuming café is a treasure trove for coffee lovers.

Coto is a charmingly compact spot, designed for those on the go. With no seating available, it’s the perfect pitstop for a quick, high-quality caffeine fix. The café takes pride in its specialty coffee, which is their own unique brand, offering a taste that’s as authentic as the neighborhood it resides in.

For those who appreciate simplicity and quality, Coto is a standout choice. It’s an ideal haunt for busy nomads and locals alike, who prefer their coffee served without delay. My personal recommendation? Try their cappuccino. It’s a delightful blend of rich coffee and smooth, creamy milk — a classic done exceptionally well.

Coto isn’t just about grabbing a quick coffee; it’s about experiencing the essence of Barcelona’s coffee culture in a sip, while soaking in the historic beauty of Gotico. Stay tuned as we continue to uncover more of these hidden coffee gems in the city.

Coto Coffee


In the quaint streets of El Born, XILOTECA emerges as a sister café to Coto, sharing the same passionate owner. This coffee spot takes the concept of ‘small’ to a new level, being even more compact than its sibling, Coto. What XILOTECA lacks in size, it more than makes up for in character and quality.

At the heart of XILOTECA is a stunning La Marzocco coffee machine, a symbol of their commitment to serving top-notch coffee. But it’s not just about the coffee here. XILOTECA also offers a selection of stylish mugs and plates, aligning with the artistic vibe of El Born. And for those who appreciate a good glass of wine, they have an assortment of natural wines, similar to what you’d find at Coto.

What really sets XILOTECA apart is its discreet charm. Tucked away in one of the most remote corners of the neighborhood, you might easily miss it if not for the modest sign beckoning with “good coffee here.” It’s a hidden gem in the truest sense, waiting to be discovered by those in search of a unique, intimate coffee experience.


Indo Bar — El born

Indo Bar, located on Carrer del General Álvarez de Castro 5 in La Ribera, is a gem for those seeking a plant-based menu, specialty coffee, and delicious açai. You can get a sense of its cozy and inviting atmosphere by checking out their Instagram: @indobarbcn. It’s a place that goes beyond being just a café.

For remote workers and others eager to improve their Spanish in a casual setting, Indo Bar offers the perfect environment. It’s friendly, relaxed, and ideal for picking up the language over a cup of coffee. Speaking of coffee, their cappuccino comes highly recommended — a delightful blend that stands out for its flavor and quality.

Pride of place in Indo Bar is their elegant white La Marzocco machine, signaling their commitment to top-tier coffee experiences. But the café’s offerings extend beyond just coffee. They are also known for their açai bowls, including a protein-rich version that’s both nutritious and satisfying.

And let’s not forget the cookies — these homemade treats are a hit, perfectly complementing the plant-based ethos and the rich flavors of their coffee and açai bowls.

Indo Bar is a vibrant part of La Ribera’s community, offering a blend of healthy, delicious food and a warm, welcoming space for language learners and coffee lovers alike.

Indo Bar Coffee

In conclusion, our tour of Barcelona’s unique coffee spots reveals a city rich in flavor and culture. Each ‘hole in the wall’ café we visited offers a distinct experience, mirroring the vibrant spirit of Barcelona itself. To discover more hidden coffee gems and keep up with our coffee adventures, check out the latest on Boundra’s Property page.


Wrapping up our Barcelona coffee tour, a big shoutout to CoffeeLobo. Check out their site CoffeeLobo for a fantastic collection of the city’s best coffee spots. From Gracia to Poblenou, they’ve got the coffee scene covered, showcasing over 50 specialty cafes.

For real-time updates and more insights into Barcelona’s coffee scene, follow me on Instagram @nomadremy and visit Boundra’s website. Here’s to your next great coffee discovery in Barcelona!

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