Getting ready for the first guest

In just under two months, I purchased an apartment in Barcelona and embarked on building the ultimate living experience I call “Boundra.” With careful furnishing and testing, I’ve created a space optimized for remote work. Inspired by Barcelona’s vibrant culture, my apartment reflects my personality and provides a sanctuary for both work and relaxation. The Boundra experience combines comfort, functionality, and the essence of Barcelona, creating a haven that truly feels like home.

Espresso for the coffee lovers

Espresso Machine

At Boundra, we understand the importance of a good cup of coffee, especially for those who work from home and appreciate a quality espresso. That’s why we’ve made sure that every apartment is equipped with multiple options to brew your perfect cup. In our inaugural Boundra location, we have included several moka machines and an iconic Illy “Francis, Francis!” espresso machine.

The Illy “Francis, Francis!” machine is a classic choice known for its reliability and ability to produce excellent morning espressos. We wanted to ensure that our guests could start their day with a rich and satisfying coffee experience. We believe that the right coffee can enhance productivity and provide a moment of enjoyment in your daily routine.

Our commitment to coffee excellence doesn’t stop there. We recognize the significance of coffee for our guests, and we are dedicated to providing real espresso machines in all of our future locations. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or simply appreciate a good cup of joe, you can look forward to a consistent and high-quality coffee experience during your stay at Boundra.

With our thoughtfully chosen espresso machines, we aim to elevate your morning ritual and ensure that your apartment feels like a true home away from home. From the aromatic scent of freshly brewed espresso to the rich flavor that awakens your senses, Boundra is dedicated to delivering an exceptional coffee experience for our valued guests.

A dual monitor setup

Dual Monitor Setup

At Boundra, we prioritize providing an exceptional remote working experience, and a crucial aspect of that is a well-equipped workstation. In our first remote workstation setup, we have chosen a dual 4k monitor configuration mounted on a dual arm port, offering a versatile and immersive working environment. These high-quality screens boast 99% RGB color accuracy, ensuring vivid and true-to-life visuals with excellent brightness levels.

As the founder of Boundra, I have personally utilized this dual monitor setup for editing Boundra’s videos, and it has exceeded my expectations. The ample screen real estate allows for efficient multitasking and seamless workflow, enhancing productivity and attention to detail.

To complement the advanced display setup, we have also incorporated an external microphone onto the desk. This microphone proves to be invaluable, especially when using the computer with the screen closed, as the built-in microphone is inaccessible in such scenarios. We understand the importance of clear and crisp audio, particularly during virtual meetings or when recording content, and this external microphone ensures optimal sound quality.

Comfort during long working hours is paramount, which is why we have chosen the Herman Miller Aeron chair for our workstation. Renowned for its ergonomic design, the Aeron chair offers maximum support and flexibility, catering to various body types and sitting preferences. Its iconic status in the ergonomic chair industry speaks volumes about its proven track record of providing consistent comfort over the years.

At Boundra, we are committed to delivering a consistent and exceptional remote working experience across all our locations. Therefore, we pledge to utilize the Herman Miller Aeron chair in every Boundra location. By standardizing this ergonomic chair, we ensure that our guests can enjoy the same level of comfort and support, no matter where their Boundra journey takes them.

Our dedication to creating an ideal remote workstation extends beyond mere functionality. We believe that a well-designed and comfortable workspace fosters creativity, focus, and overall well-being. By incorporating top-of-the-line technology, ergonomic seating, and consistent quality standards, Boundra aims to provide a truly exceptional remote working experience for our valued guests.

Bright Posters and brick walls

Bright Posters and Brick Walls

In Boundra El Born, the combination of bright posters and brick walls adds a vibrant touch to the space, elevating its stylish appeal. The colorful posters inject personality into the surroundings, while the textured brick walls create a comforting and welcoming atmosphere that instantly makes you feel at home. Our design philosophy prioritizes minimalism and freshness, focusing on functional elements rather than excessive “decorative” objects. This approach allows the space to maintain a clean and uncluttered aesthetic, promoting a sense of tranquility and open space. Thoughtful attention has been given to lighting, furniture, chairs, and plants to ensure a harmonious and enjoyable environment that caters to both visual aesthetics and practical functionality.

If you are interested in following the adventure, follow my Instagram account @nomadremy and go visit Boundra’s website.

Remy, Founder of Boundra.

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