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Our 1BR, 50sqm, recently-renovated loft, prides itself of spacious, industrial/modern-inspired decor, set in a 20 yr-old condo in Cubao Q.C. Concrete, wood and black metal accents complement the interior. Natural light can be filtered by roll-up shades and block-out curtains depending on your taste. The French-window-enclosed BR comfortably sleeps 2 adults on its 10-in memory foam queen. A dedicated study makes it perfectly suited for those looking for an alternative WFH experience in the city.

The space
Concrete, metal and wood are recurring materials that you will encounter when you self-check-in into our loft apartment. Your eyes might be drawn often to the massive Tadao Anda-inspired concrete accent wall that needs no other decors save for the hanging drum-pendant light. Despite these being hard elements, we still have our guest's comfort in mind with spaces and areas that encourages rest and relaxation. Natural light filters in through the windows accentuated by black metal-framed tempered glass partitions that encloses the main sleeping quarters. Roll-up shades and block-out curtains ensure privacy when needed. A dedicated study with adequate desk space realty gets you in the zone to finish that presentation if you are working remotely. Enjoy the convenience of fast internet speeds (100 Mbps) for online conferences. Brew a cuppa or dust off your knife skills and whip-up a quick meal in our functional coffee-shop themed modern kitchen. Take a break and procrastinate with our Netflix and Disney+ -ready 50-in android SMART TV, easy to connect with your own gaming console. The unit is accessible by elevator or stairs as it is located only on the 2nd flr. The condo building might be old but we try to compensate for it with thoughtful interiors. If you are looking for a pool and gym amenities to this condo, we suggest you try booking a different rental in Manhattan Gardens or nearby modern listings.

PLEASE take time to read the house rules and agree with them before confirming your stay.

1. Government ID and COVID Vaccination card for guests 18 years old and above. COPY OF GOVERNMENT-ISSUED IDs OF ALL CONFIRMED GUESTS
- should be sent to us at least 2 days before check-in date
- copy of a valid government-issued ID with picture (e.g. driver's license) of booked guest/s, must be sent to host prior check in. For minors, an official school ID is sufficient.

a. Proof of COVID vaccination
• Vaccine Certificate (VAXCertPH issued by DOH) OR
• Vaccination Card (issued by LGU)

FOR NON- VACCINATED INDIVIDUALS: Visitors / Guest must present any of the following upon entry

• Negative Antigen Test Results issued within 72 hours prior to entry OR
• Negative RT-PCR Test Results issued within 7 days prior to entry

b. For Minors
****All minors between 12 years old and 18 must be accompanied by RELATIVES. We will require a proof of relationship if an adult and a minor will be checking-in. Please send a copy of the minor's birth certificate for this. Please feel free to chat us for more details on this requirement. Minors not accompanied by their parents or guardians will not be allowed to stay.

2. MAXIMUM OF 2 GUESTS. WALK-IN GUESTS are not allowed if we are not informed at least 1 day in advance. Walk-in guests, if allowed, are required to submit IDs and vaccination documents as well. Please message us first if you have an additional guest.

• For every additional guest that will stay overnight, they will be charged a fee of 600 pesos per night of stay.
• For 2 to 4 additional guests who will NOT be staying overnight (day visit only), no additional fee will be incurred as long as they leave by 9:00pm.

3. FILLING OUT OF HEALTH DECLARATION QUESTIONNAIRE (might be required by the Condo/Building management upon arrival).

4. Move-in Pass. This is provided by the hosts/owners upon successful submission of Government IDs and Vaccination Cards

- our home has an indoor balcony railing that poses as a safety hazard for unsupervised children. For the same reason, guests with disabilities (physical and mental), should be supervised at all times especially in the loft area if they are 12 yrs old and above.

6. NO PARTIES, BRIDAL SHOWERS, BACHELOR'S PARTIES, HEN PARTY and WEDDING PREPARATIONS ALLOWED. Please do chat us if you have any activities of similar nature in mind. Hosting such events during your stay will be reported to AirBnB resolution center and a 4000 peso fine will be charged. If you insist on decors, our full-time jobs cannot allow us the luxury of time to do this added service. You may do so at your own discretion. For decors: please only use string to hang up balloons. USE OF ANY TAPE or ADHESIVE on our walls are NOT ALLOWED because the paint may peel off.

7. COMMERCIAL PHOTOSHOOTS ARE CONDITIONALLY ALLOWED. Apart from agreeing to an additional and separate set of rules, we will be charging a fee of 2000 pesos. These include pre-nups, ad shoots, boudoir photography or any session involving PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS. Undisclosed professional photoshoots will be fined 2000 pesos. Personal photos and posting on socmed platforms are very much welcome.

8. NO 3RD PARTY BOOKING. This includes the following:

• booking for friend
• "gifting" the reservation for a relative
• selling your booking to someone else

- FINE of 3000 pesos WILL BE INCURRED FOR THESE ACTIVITIES. To prevent this from happening, please be sure that you are among the guests who will arrive for the booking.

9. PARKING IS FREE OF CHARGE. To avail of our free, dedicated, covered parking, we will need you to send us your vehicle make and model as well as the registered plate number 2-3 days prior to your check-in. This is to ensure that the building security guards are aware that your are our guests. Large SUVs and modified pick-up trucks (oversized tires) though might find it difficult to maneuver the driveway. Please see the photo to check dimensions.

An extra vehicle might be parked in the open parking in front of the building, this however is not recommended. One, a vacant space is rare (there are other businesses who claim parking slots), and two, building security is not responsible for the safety of your vehicle if parked outside.

Other Notes

Security: This residence is secured and gated with 24/7 security guard at the front desk. Security cameras under the condo management are installed in general areas. Self check-in is possible with our smart lock equipped front door. You may request your own unique PIN code for you to gain access to the unit.

Bedroom: This is air-conditioned private space with its own 1.0 hp inverter a/c unit with one (1) 10-inch thick, memory foam, queen-sized bed, comfortable sheets, a pair of night stands with lamps and charging outlets. DO NOT SIT ON THE NIGHT STAND/END TABLES, it was not made to support the weight of person. There is also a 32 inch chrome ready TV for casting a video from your phone or tablet. Blackout curtains. Open closet with drawers.

Bath: Barn-door type entry. RAIN shower, water heater, glass shower partition, and toilet with bidet. Towels, toilet paper, cotton buds, shampoo, conditioner and shower gel are adequately provided. The drain pipe smell is still present as of this writing, please read our disclaimer in "OTHER NOTES" section regarding this. NEVER THROW TISSUE PAPER, FEMININE NAPKINS, WET WIPES INTO THE TOILET. The building has old plumbing structures and was not designed for this purpose. A trash bin is conveniently located in the T/B. Please do make use of this.

Study: With more than adequate desk space realty for 2 pax. Ergonomic office chairs. One HDMI ready 24-in hp monitor free of use. Desk lamp, Perihperals free to use - bluetooth ready Edifier speakers, keyboard, headphones, extension cords, laptop stand and pillow. Basic office supplies at your disposal.

Kitchen: Equipped with refrigerator and freezer, microwave, electric kettle, glass cook top induction stove, dual motor range-hood, rice cooker, airfryer, blender, coffee maker with complementary coffee, sugar and creamer, black ceramic flatware, cutleries suited to prepare your own meal. We don't have a full oven. Dishwashing soap and sponge are also provided. Honesty store for basic needs.

Living space: A fully air-conditioned space powered by a separate 2.5 hp split-type inverter a/c, with a 2-3-seater sofa and recliner. Equipped with a 50-inch 4K Smart TV with easy Disney+ and Netflix HD viewing access. Local channels are NOT available. G-Chrome home ready bluetooth speakers.

Internet connectivity: CONVERGE ICT Fiber connection with 80 to 99 mbps internet. password available upon booking. Scan QR code in entryway upon arriving in the unit.

Laundry: The use of the washing machine/dryer is only allowed for guests staying for 3 nights or more. This is to prevent incurring high electricity and water usage for short stays. If you find the need to operate it, for 1 wash/dry cycle of 6 kg, we will charge 150 pesos. Guests must also use our prescribed laundry detergent and softener for a fee (available in the honesty store).

Parking: Parking for one vehicle is secured, FREE of payment. Extra vehicle/s may park outside at outside designated parking premises at a first-come, first-served basis. Illegally parked vehicles may be towed.

Pets: The building administration does not allow pets inside the condominium.

Guest access



We are a corner unit and located only on the 2nd floor, literally right beside the elevator. It is also easily accessible by stairs. Hallway noise is limited to other tenants accessing the elevator. QUIET TIME IS AT 11:00 PM. Otherwise the hallway in-front of our unit is free from pedestrian traffic.

The reserved covered parking space (free of charge) for our guests ensures that your 4-wheel baby is safe from the elements and theft.

A dedicated study that can sit 2 working adults, with more than adequate desk space realty and fast internet speeds ensures that work-from-home experience is smooth.

Our kitchen has all the appliances you'll need. Complimentary ground coffee/instant coffee/tea will be provided.

Disney+, Netflix and chill or K-drama and kama when you discover the best seat in the living space.

If you are looking for a pool and gym feature to this condo, we suggest you try booking a different rental in Manhattan Gardens or nearby modern condos. We do have a Yoga mat and jump rope if u want to work up a sweat.

Going up the roof deck is possible (5th floor) but not recommended as the premises are not well maintained. Smoking is also not allowed there. Smoking must be done outside the building premises nea the parking entrance.

Other things to note
1. ***WARNING THERE IS A LINGERING DRAIN-PIPE SCENT IN THE ENTRYWAY! You might encounter this originating from the T/B. Please be aware of this. We have already reported this to our contractor and to our building administrator but no solution was offered as of this writing. We do apologize but if you have a sensitive nose it might be better for you to book another listing. We have temporarily provided scent diffusers, reed stick diffusers, etc in the unit to address the issue. On the bright side, the scent dissipates once the Aircon unit is turned on for circulation... or you just get used to the smell ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

*** OFF NOTE, our unit is in an old condominium. plumbing structures are old, hence we have no control when the building needs to undergo emergency repairs for the pipes and water pump. Water interruption might not be announced, we do hope you understand as we try to address any unlikely event.

2. The loft height is between 5'10 to 6' feet in height. We also discourage tall people from booking as this may affect your comfort during your stay. Tall people need to watch their head especially in the bedroom.

3. Be transparent with your headcount to avoid trouble checking in. We prepared the space based on the declared number of guests and we need honest guests to help us run this accommodation. The building admin also requires that all guests provide a goverment ID and COVID vax card prior to entry.

4. We prefer to know a little information about our guests. We would greatly appreciate it if you have a proper photo of yourself and complete profile information when inquiring. You can tell us about yourself, the number of your companions and your reasons for wanting to stay at our place in your inquiry message. This information would be greatly appreciated for everyone’s peace of mind and to ensure a fast approval.

5. There is no need to send me your email or phone number when you are just inquiring because Airbnb is blocking it due to side transaction. The only way I will see your email or phone number is when your booking is confirmed.

6. Due to the Corona virus, rest assured, we’re taking extra care to sanitize and disinfect frequently touched surfaces between reservations. We also do antibacterial misting in-between guests for added sanitation. Steam cleaning of upholstered surfaces and curtains are also scheduled every few weeks.

7. We appreciate it if you also save on water and electricity. Keeping utility costs at a minimum translates to lower nightly rates for our guests.

8. Switch off home appliances when you leave the unit except the refrigerator. We really appreciate it if you turn off all a/c units before leaving the unit for outside plans and activities.

9. Cooking is allowed but please clean as you go. Cooking dried fish (tuyo, daing and the like) is NOT allowed. Excess cooking oil must be dumped in the OIL POT. We have not installed a grease trap in the kitchen sink and dumping of oil in the sink will clog up the drains. The oil pot is emptied and cleaned after every guest check out. Left over food should NOT be dumped in the kitchen sink. Try to scrape off leftovers as best you can before washing. Also please roll-up the window shades near the kitchen when cooking to avoid getting food splatter on the blinds material.

10. Garbage should be sorted into their proper bins as much as possible (general food waste goes inside the bin under the kitchen sink; recyclables can be sorted into a separate bin in the same area; dry waste and all other trash can be dumped in the rest of the bins around the unit). For our short term guests, you may just leave the garbage inside the unit, we can collect them after you checkout as long as they are not overflowing.

11. Any broken and/or missing item/s and all other incidental charges will be on the personal account of the guest. If you break or damage something, please REPORT immediately so that we may make arrangements for compensation of the damage.

12. Host is not responsible for any damaged or lost belongings. Vehicles should use our covered parking slot as this affords more security than the parking outside.

13. As with any home, light bulbs go out, plumbing issues happen, things wear out. Please be patient and just let us know and we will do our best to get somebody in to fix the problem. Also, since Lungga is housed in an old building we do realize that building maintenance and management may do unscheduled repairs and works - we do apologize for this in advance and will try to work this out whenever issues arises.

14. Smoking is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. The same goes for vaping. Violators will be charged Php2000. Please go out the building to the corner of the parking entrance to do your business.

15. Bear in mind that we are not a hotel. This place is our personal property that we are sharing with you. So there is no room service or attendant on call to serve you or wash your dishes.

16. Please DO NOT wipe furniture, walls and doors with ALCOHOL, for it leaves white marks that is impossible to remove. Especially do NOT wipe WOOD SURFACES with alcohol. A special wood cleaner solution is available in the cleaning supplies cabinet. You can also use the diluted LYSOL spray on any surface (wood, metal, stone) just wipe it up with a paper towel after spraying. Please use the available cork coasters for your drinks and glasses to avoid damaging the wood finish.

17. You may order food delivery at Food Panda, Lala Food or Grab Food. :) ALL FOOD and non-food deliveries must be collected at the lobby. Just type in Lungga Cubao Loft and it is already pinned to the Condominium address.

18. PAY FOR ITEMS TAKEN FROM THE HONESTY STORE. The Honesty store was put there for your convenience. It has some pharmacy items and snacks. PLEASE PAY for what you take via cash or QR code.

19. We would really appreciate it if you leave a comment and review after check out!

Enjoy your stay! Thank you!


1. “What is the Airbnb service fee?”

To help Airbnb run smoothly and to cover the costs of the products and services they provide, like 24/7 customer support, Airbnb charge a service fee when a booking is confirmed. We do not have control of this fee

2. “What does the cleaning fee cover?

Cleaning fee only covers the cost of preparing your room before check in. It includes the cleaning products, bedsheets, towels, and our time. It does not include cleaning during your stay. Guests still have to tidy up before checking out. Just try to put everything back in order as much as you can.

Guests may opt for cleaning service for an additional charge of 500PHP each time. To use this service, guests must advise at least one day before and/or once the reservation is confirmed; can also be arranged at check in. Kindly allow us at least 3 hours to clean the apartment. The unit must also be vacant before we start.

3. “Is early check in allowed?”

Early check-in is subject to availability.

4. "Is late check out allowed?”

Again, subject to availability. Please note that we need ample time to prepare the room and ensure cleanliness for the next guest.

5. “Will there be other guests in the house?”

No. The unit is entirely yours.

6. “Is cooking allowed?”

Yes. Guests are expected to clean up after cooking. Also, please switch exhaust ON while cooking, to prevent setting off the smoke detectors. We also request that you fully draw up the roll-up the window shades to avoid getting food splashes on textile. Please don't forget to wipe down the stove after using. We do not allow cooking of odorous food such as dried seafood delicacies (tuyo, daing, danggit, etc.), food with fish paste and the like.

7. “Can we settle outside of Airbnb so that we don't have to pay for the service fee?”

NO. Most especially if we don't know you. The Airbnb platform protects both the guest/s and host and their service, of course, has a fee (we as hosts pay their service fee as well).

8. "How much for this-to-that dates?”

Simply enter the dates of your stay and number of guests on the reservation panel and the price will automatically show (it will include the Airbnb service fee that I actually have no control on my end).

If booking for a future date (3-6 months in advance), please do message us to check availability and pricing.

AmenitiesThe essentials for a remote worker
High Speed Wifi
Ergonomic Office chair
Standing Desk
HD Webcam
Green screen
4k Monitor
Mechanical Keyboard
Wireless multitask mouse
SleepingRooms and beds
Photos of this location

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